Over the last year, we have changed the way we approach work and have moved to changing our homespace into our workspace which leaves us with very little or no movement. Tree of Life Workations - is a combination of constructive work balanced with a bit of vacation, in calm and serene surroundings.

Tree of Life brings to you properties across nine destinations that are handpicked — away from the hustle bustle of the city centre, limited inventories and open spaces offering an uninterrupted escape with nature.

Locations at drivable distances from major cities of India, the space and privacy coupled with our personalised service makes your Workation a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Ideal Workation

An Ideal Workation?

As the name suggests, a Workation is about working while on a vacation. You need not be a nomad, traveling from place to place in search of your “balance”.
Tree of Life Workations offers you destinations of your preference — tranquility of the mountains, close to nature and wildlife, by your private pool or a beach resort.

Our Workations come with very comfortable and spacious accommodation, surrounded by nature; unlimited free hi-speed internet, gourmet meal plans based on your preference; discreet and caring service while following the highest standards of safety and hygiene and maintaining physical distance.

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