Tree of Life Vanvilas River Edge,
Corbett National Park

Open fields surrounded by dense forests with a river stream running through; a luxurious accommodation with 6 hideaway and river-view rooms is located in the fabled Kumaon district at the foothills of the Himalayas at a convenient drive of 250 kms from Delhi.

The National Park that was established in 1936, spreads over 520 square kilometres is located conveniently at a drive of 8 kms from the accommodation and houses a plethora of animals ranging from wild elephants, crocodiles, sloth bears and the ever so magnificent - leopard and tiger.


For the wildlife enthusiast and those who love being with nature and animals we assure you an unmatched private experience at Tree of Life Vanvilas River Edge, Corbett National Park.

The Outdoors

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We believe in serving delicacies that are prepared using fresh local produce to make your meal a memorable one. Our menu offers a curated selection of delicacies and is changed on a daily basis. In case you would like to have something that isn't on the menu, our chefs will be glad to prepare it for you. Meals are served at The Wild Grass Cafe; a cheerful atmosphere and a scenic outdoor seating overlooking the gazebo.

Tree of Life Resorts & Spa - Corbett


A cheerful, well-lit dining space with charming outdoor seating options overlooking The Gazebo prepares special set menu meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner through your stay. We do not offer buffets and create each meal as a different experience for you.

Play Area - Tree of Life Resorts- Corbett


For the ones who find thrill in adventure, we curate an experience at the stunning rooftop space under the sky with casual and comfortable seating and a view of the Corbett National Park. As the evening sets, hear the chirping of the birds returning to the nest, the call of the animals as they prepare for the night. During the winters sigris and blankets add to the warmth.


Tree of Life Vanvilas River Edge, Corbett National Park