Experiences at The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Varanasi



Temples, Ghats and Mystic
4 Hours | INR 3500 Per Person

Walking through the lanes of Varanasi, you lose your sense of time, place and self and are accompanied by a constant sense of discovery.

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Mother Ganga and You
Morning | INR 2500 Per Person
Evening | INR 3300 Per Person

The holy river Ganga is considered a ‘mother’ to Hindus. No visit to Varanasi is complete without the experience of a boat ride on the Ganga.

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exp udaipur teach-a-while


Teach A While
45 Minutes | No Charge

As one of our initiatives, our Varanasi Resort actively supports the nearby School and has also instituted a Scholarship to assist in the education of underprivileged young girls.

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exp back to basics


Back to Basics
90 Mins | INR 900 Per Person

Caught up in your hectic city life, how often have you desired but not managed to do the basics in life – like riding a tractor or tilling the fields.

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An Evening With The Gods
Without Ganga Kund Dinner | INR 3500 Per Person
With Ganga Kund Dinner | INR 5800 Per Person

Leaving your Resort towards early evening, we drive you to the famous ghats where you take your boat for that unique experience on the river.

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In The Steps Of The Buddha
4 Hours | INR 2200 Per Person

Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burnt said Lord Buddha.

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exp your vows again


"Yours Again" Vows
3 Hours | INR 20000 Per Person

Marriage holds a very sacred place in Indian society and renewing your vows in the traditional Indian way is something that will stay with you for a life-time.

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exp chef in you


"The Chef in You" Vows
3 Hours | INR 3500 Per Person

Delight your partner by cooking up an amazing Indian meal. Your experience begins by going to the local market in an ‘auto rickshaw’ (three-wheeled scooter) and buying all the essentials for the meal.

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"Yoga & Meditation" Vows
75 Mins | INR 1100 Per Person

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrti word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘to unite’ or ‘to join’. It is about connecting the body and the mind physically, mentally and spiritually.

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"Just For Two" Vows
2 Hours | INR 3300 Per Person

What would you give to surprise your partner with a personally designed 4 course menu, evocative piped classical music, complete with a candlelit table and a canopy of stars above?

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"The Buggy Ride" Vows
45 Mins | INR 1100 Per Person

The Resort is situated in very calm, serene and natural surroundings. Take a horse drawn buggy through the narrow winding roads and explore a bit of the Varanasi country side – away from the noise and traffic of the city.

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"Pamper Your Senses" Vows
60/90 Mins

Leave the world behind once in a while – escape and indulge yourself in exquisite wellness treatments. Our spa experiences are a beautiful blend of traditional Indian wellness wisdom with 100% natural products.

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  • All rates are per person, nett and for a minimum of two.
  • Rates for children – please check with us.
  • Government Taxes extra at 18%, subject to change.