The way we travel has changed over the last year and while we try to gain a sense of normalcy, the most important factor to consider is safety, distance and how one can be socially distant even while traveling.

At Tree of Life Resorts, our Self-Drive Experiences packages cater to travellers who find joy in taking a roadtrip in the comfort and safety of their own cars. These getaways are curated keeping in mind drivable distance from all major cities of India, the need for physical distancing while on a holiday and curating experiences best suited for your travel need.

Bed - Corporate Retreats
Accommodation for 3
nights & 4 days
Boutique resorts away
from the city centre
Car - Corporate Retreats
Drivable distances upto
6 hours
Home - Corporate Retreats
Private villas and
Food - Corporate Retreats
Daily Breakfast & Dinner
Wifi - Corporate Retreats
Unlimited hi-speed Wifi
Inclusive of Select Experiences
Inclusive of select
Discount on food & beverages
10% discount on food
& beverages
Safety Kits
Safety kits
Flexible Travel Dates
Flexible travel dates

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