The Out Doors

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Teach A While
45 Minutes
Kerala has the highest literacy rate in the country. Join the students as they go through their day at school and yes – teach them a subject that is of interest to you! (School timings apply).
No charge. Any donation given by you to the resort will be accepted with gratitude towards the initiatives instituted by us for them.


Yoga On The Beach
75 Minutes | INR 1,100 (per person)
A cool sea breeze, the rising or setting sun, sounds of waves teasing each other, a gentle yoga teacher, a quiet expanse of white sandy beach. Go through an amazing yoga and meditation session like never before.


Catch Of The Day
2 Hours | INR 1,800 (per person)
The Resort is right on the Arabian Sea. Before sunrise, you join the fishermen as they cast out into the sea for their daily fishing routine. Enjoy the excitement of being in a local boat and riding the gentle waves as you cast your net and wait for the fish. Once back, you join the Chef in the course of the day to cook your prize in ‘Kerala style’, which then served to you along with your meal.


Fishermen Village
30 Minutes
We not only share the beach with fishermen who were the first inhabitants here but also huge respect for their work and tradition. We walk you for about 5 minutes to their village – see how they live in their small communities; share stories about their early morning daily adventure, as you learn their simple yet time-consuming fishing techniques.


No charge. Any donation given by you to the resort will be accepted with gratitude towards various initiatives instituted by us for them.


Backwaters of God’s Own Country
9 Hours | INR 5900 (per person)
The ‘houseboats’ on Kerala’s backwater are an unforgettable experience. While we would normally recommend an overnight stay, should you not be keen to do so, a day trip can be arranged from the Resort. Leave after breakfast for Alleppey, which is a short 20 minutes drive. Board our ‘Kettuvalum’ (houseboat) and glide on the amazing maze of water canals which make the backwaters, with the lush green countryside. A well cooked Kerala meal is served for lunch as your boat cruises across the backwaters. As you return to shore towards sunset, evening tea and snacks are served. You then drive back to the resort.


Take a Ride
3 Hours | INR 400 (per hour)
The narrow and near traffic free roads around our resort in Alleppey are an ideal route to do a cycle ride. Take off on the cycles and drive through palm-fringed road, small shops and quaint local homes. Stop somewhere for refreshments and then cycle your way back to the Resort.

Almost Impossibly Romantic


Just for Two
2 Hours | INR 2900 (per person)
What would you give to surprise your partner with sounds of the musical sound of the waves, complete with a candlelit table in a palm grove on the beach with a canopy of stars above? We can make your dream come true with all this and more.


The Chef in You
3 Hours | INR 2400 (per person)
Delight your partner by cooking up an amazing Kerala or North Indian meal. Your experience begins by going to the local market in an auto rickshaw(three-wheeled scooter) and buying all the essentials for the meal. Return and don the Chef’s hat! At the cooking set up on the beach, with guidance from our Chef, you will learn the delightful art of Kerala or North Indian cooking and rustle up a delectable meal for two.

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The Art of Doing Nothing (as long as you like)
INR 1,500 (per person)
Coming to Marari Sands is not about keeping yourself busy – it is, in fact, to get away from it all and do nothing. And we indulge you to do so. Sit on the white sandy beach and hear the gentle waves transform you into another world. Watch how the sky changes colour with every passing moment. Sip those refreshing mock-tails made from fresh fruits and laced with ginger and honey. Nibble the mildly spicy local snacks. And as a point of discussion for a short while, we have a local Keralite to share experiences of life in Kerala – just another perspective for you.


Pamper Your Senses
60/90 Minutes
Leave the world behind once in a while – escape and indulge yourself in exquisite wellness treatments. Our Ayurveda experiences are a beautiful blend of traditional Indian wellness wisdom and 100% natural products. We offer you a combination of treatments at Ayura – the Ayurvedic Spa.

Please refer to the Ayurveda Brochure in your Villa for further details or speak to our Ayurveda Consultant.

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“Yours Again” Vows
3 Hours | INR 14,500 (per person)

Marriage holds a very sacred place in Indian society and renewing your vows in the traditional Indian way is something that will stay with you for a lifetime. Just before sunset, two village women escort you singing traditional songs to the beautifully decorated 'mandap' on the sandy beach surrounded by palm trees. The priest takes you through the ceremony, chanting 'shlokas' (lines) from the Vedas around the 'sacred fire'. This is followed by a private candlelight dinner on your private beach, as the sound of the waves lulls you into paradise.

• All rates are per person, nett and for a minimum of two persons.
• Taxes extra @ 18% GST. • 40% reduction for children below 12 years.