The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur


Ashtam Restaurant

at The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur

Let our chefs pamper you by putting together a meal of your choice that reflects the local cuisine. Our restaurant in Jaipur at The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, our chefs can suggest selections highlighting the state’s culinary traditions that suit your own taste buds. If it is international cuisine you’re after, you need not worry. Our chefs can offer a variety of cuisines, again based on what you crave that day. The choices are endless.

Dine by the Pool or at our Eternal Garden…

Other than our restaurant – Ashtam – we also offer you amazing dining experiences in the privacy of your private garden in your Luxury Villa, or then by the outdoor fireplace at the Eternal Garden.

An absolutely romantic option would be under the canopy in the Infinity Pool – all lit up with candles, lanterns and amazing blue water around!

Take a Stroll around our Eternal Garden…

We also encourage you to take a walk around our “Eternal Garden” with one of our chefs and choose fresh salads and vegetables based on what strikes your fancy. The garden is part of our organic foods initiative, a project that ensures that our offerings are as fresh as possible. It is maintained by farmers who live adjacent to the resort – they’ll even help you plan your own organic garden if you’d like!

Want to try your hand in the kitchen? Jump behind the stove and learn the fine art of Indian cuisine, with our chef serving as your assistant!