Spaces at Tree of Life Grand Oak Manor, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Built in an area which spreads over 40 acres and then surrounded by the forest of the Binsar National Park, you will never find yourself short of space! There is hardly a building in sight as far as your eyes take you – it is nature at its very best with a blend of green forests, snow-covered mountain ranges and mostly clear blue skies. Stay at our hotel in Binsar to experience a lavish stay.

Hideaway room at Grand Oak Manor Binsar 1

The General’s Study

Overlooking the lawns, this cozy room with it’s fire place is just so ideal to curl up with that book which has remained unfinished for so long.


Sunset Lounge

This large room on the first floor was the Ballroom in the Victorian heydays, where guests were entertained by General Sir Ramsay. Black and white photographs of those days adorn the walls along with antiques on the fire place. Indoor games are available upon request. A large verandah runs along the room with a view of the calm and serene mountains.