Measures against COVID-19 for your safety

Your safety is of prime importance to us. Please see the steps being taken below to ensure this:

• Our guest's travel history will be closely looked into prior to arrival.

• At the main gate, body temperature of all guests, team members and vendors entering our resorts will be recorded.

• Thorough and repeated cleaning of high contact surfaces such as door handles, counter tops and all public areas using l% sodium hypochlorite as recommended by the Govt of India.

• Rigorous c leaning and sanitization of guest rooms using 1% sodium hypoch lorite. Once completed, guest rooms will be inspec ted and sea led off until check-in. Seal will be opened in the presence of our guests only.

• Safety kits will be provided in all rooms containing disposab le gloves, N95 masks and hand sanitizers.

• All material coming into our hote ls will be sanitized immediately upon delivery and prior to entering the store premises. Another round of sanitisation will take place w hen items are moved from the stores to the kitchens.

• Our kitchen teams are equipped with maks, gloves and chef hats / hair nets and the highest levels of HACCP certified hygeine and sanitation measures are already in place.

• Kitc hen utensils and equipment are being thoroughly cleaned with chlorine tablets after every use.

• Regular training carried out with our team members to ensure that hygiene and sanitation protocols are followed based on the latest guidelines by the Health Ministry, Govt of India.

The positive is that since we are not located in city centres and have small inventories with private Villas and Cottages at many of our resorts, we remain protected to a large extent. We look forward to once again opening our doors to you as soon as the lockdown is over.

With my best wishes to you and your family.

Akhil Anand,
Director, Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels