We at the Tree of Life Resort & Spa are committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment, and also in contributing to the local community in as many ways as possible. We do this believing that we are trustees of the environment for generations to come. In providing the various facilities and services for our guests, we do have an impact, so we work towards minimizing those negative social and environmental effects even as we bring you the comforts you seek.

In order to do this, we contribute a percentage of our monthly earnings towards various renewable projects in our area; continuously creating an awareness amongst our team members and our guests of the impact of greenhouse gases; using all possible means of renewable energy; and advocating the dire need for water harvesting, conservation and recycling.

Our Initiatives



Fresh water is very scarce in Rajasthan. The situation is further complicated by irregular and scanty rainfall, which increases our dependence on ground water. At The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, we have consciously avoided large areas of artificial greens which would require significant amounts of water for upkeep. For landscaping we have relied more on the natural beauty of the surroundings and planted local drought-resistant trees and flora, which require minimum of water. Systems have also been put in place to filter and recycle water for irrigation.


Global warming is creating an urgent and strong momentum toward using alternative energy. We at the Tree of Life Resort & Spa have taken steps to use solar energy wherever feasible, while ensuring that it does not detract from the experience of our in-house guests. The high domes of our villas, the use of natural stone and lime instead of cement and iron, naturally ventilated and shaded areas, and sparse use of water bodies have all contributed to reducing our dependency on non-recyclable energy.

The 3 Rs

The Tree of Life Resort & Spa works on the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The three Rs form the basics of the work schedule of each and every team member at the resort. Based on this, not only do we consciously try and reduce the amount of waste we generate, we also reuse what we can, both internally and within the local community, and send as much as we can for recycling.


We share the Kukas Village with families dependant on farming and livestock. The local community has been involved in this project right from the conceptual stage, with the workforce coming from the village itself. We are glad that some of the local villagers have now joined us to work at the resort and are improving their standard of living. The Tree of Life Resort & Spa has adopted the local school and is working towards making the children computer literate by providing computers and training. We’re also making efforts to teach them basic English. We’re also setting up a local dispensary to provide medical facilities free of cost, especially to young children and the elderly