3 hours | INR 3,900

After breakfast, you leave by jeep to the Elephant Village, which houses over 100 elephants. Join in with the elephants as they play and get scrubbed by their mahouts. Learn about them; paint, feed and ride these most stunning animals. Drive back to the Resort in your jeep.

Dinner with your elephants
3 hours | INR 5800

A short drive from The Tree of Life Resort & Spa brings you to the foothills of the Aravali range. Your elephant welcomes you, while you feed it with bananas. Sitting atop, it takes you through the small village and the hillside, with a multitude of birds. A meal with local delicacies follows.

Teach a while
1 hour | with our compliments

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study under a tree, or use chalk and slate instead of pen and paper, much less a computer? Join the students as they go through their day at school and yes – teach them a subject that is of interest to you! (School timings apply).

90 minutes | INR 1400

Caught up in your hectic city life, how often have you desired but not managed to do the basics in life ? On a tractor, we show you the homes of our villagers. Visit their fields, dirty your hands digging up vegetables (seasonal) and experience how they live with little, but happily.

75 Minutes

Gyarsilal and his family have been tilling the fields around our Resort for four generations. Visit his home and meet the family – simple, warm and caring. There is a 700 years old temple and a school nearby which is actively supported by the Resort. Interact with the children.

4 hours | INR 2500 per person

If not already arranged, we will be glad to take you through the Pink City, as Jaipur is known, at your own pace. Your accompanying guide will make history come alive for you, as you discover the beautiful monuments, palaces and ‘bazaars’ the city has to offer.

2 hours | INR 1200

The Resort makes an ideal base for a soft trek. Accompanied by one of our villagers, you trek through the forest area, loosing yourself to the quiet which surrounds you. Walk by an ancient sacred tree and is considered to have healing powers.  Enjoy your snacks and coffee on the way back.

With our compliments

Take a mountain-bike and ride through our friendly village to explore the surroundings for your self.

Almost Impossibly Romantic


3 hours | INR 14500

Marriage holds a very sacred place in Indian society and renewing your vows is something that will stay with you for a lifetime. Traditional wedding songs; beautifully decorated Ganesh Abode; chanting of  ‘shlokas’ (lines) from the Vedas around the ‘sacred fire’, private candle light dinner. Fall in love – again!

3 hours | INR 4200

Drive to the local market in an ‘auto rickshaw’ (three-wheeled scooter) and buy essentials for the meal. Return and don the Chef’s hat! With guidance from our Chef, you rustle up a delectable meal for two. We also present a Tree of Life Cook Book and an apron as a souvenir.

75 minutes | INR 1900

Yoga is about connecting the body and mind physically, mentally and spiritually. It can be practiced at any time, anywhere and is as much a work out of the mind, as of the body. After a personalized consultation, your teacher will take you through a series of body and mind postures.

2 hours | INR 3900

What would you give to surprise your partner with chilled sparkling wine, evocative classical music from the deserts of Rajasthan, with a candlelit table and canopy of stars above? Your dream can come true with all this and more, in the privacy of the garden in your own luxury villa.