Dudhwa Wildlife Resort

Imagine hundreds of acres of sugarcane fields all around with dashes of bright yellow mustard patches in between; imagine a private home built in the 1940s in the middle of this plantation which was also used by the British Governors as a hunting lodge; imagine your very private and luxurious accommodation with a caring team to attend; imagine an undiscovered Tiger Reserve famous for the one horned rhino (and more) and the Nepal border just 30 odd minutes away. This is Tree of Life resort in Dudhwa National Park. We just about guarantee sighting of the one horned rhino, in addition to a huge variety of wildlife and birds.



By Road

Delhi 380 kms / 9 hours

By Air

Lucknow Airport 205 kms /4 hours

“The Tree of Life Jaagir Lodge is an amazing balance of luxury and nature. Very caring staff; a jungle which is not overrun by tourists; a unique mix of birds and wild life in a most natural setting. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is absolutely worth a visit.”

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Free Safari

Book a 2 night stay and get one Safari Dudhwa National Park with our compliments. * conditions apply

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Caught up in your hectic city life, how often have you desired but not managed to do the basics in life – like riding a tractor or tilling the fields.



Take a short drive to the swamp areas in the jungle. Enjoy your snacks, shots of rum or vodka, tea or coffee on a terrace next to the swamp.



Unbelievable as it may sound, Nepal is just a convenient 50 minute drive from the Lodge. We take you via Gauri Phanta – the Indian side of the border.


Understated luxury in the wilderness is what we offer!


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We at the Tree of Life Resort & Spa are committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment, and also in contributing to the local community in as many ways as possible. We do this believing that we are trustees of the environment for generations to come.

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