It’s that time of the year. When the world explodes into its’ annual frenzy of buying, celebrating, sharing and realizing the true significance of the Festival of Lights. It’s also a time where we have taken a conscious decision. To unwind, untie, uncomplicate. To look back at what we have achieved. And most importantly – to Count Life’s Blessings.

Like all stories – ours too, has a beginning.

Once upon a time, there lived a hardworking young man with a creative side to him, who worked in the travel-trade industry. He dreamt of creating his own hospitality business – which would offer an experience much different from the routine. In a space that would be large in size but meant for a discerning few. An experience that would be exclusive, personalized and something that perhaps even money could not buy. The idea of creating such an offering “ kept festering in my head” , reminisces Himmat Anand, founder of the Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels.  Even the brand name – “ Tree of Life” was a eureka moment which happened after he saw it on a battered sign-board in what was then the city of Madras. The dream began to take shape – when Himmat gave up his high-profile job and chose to follow his dream. There was no business plan, no investors nothing. Just a man and his dream.  And the driving passion to create his reality.

The location of the first and original Tree of Life property was identified and the land purchased – just outside the city of Jaipur. In a city overflowing with hotels – the Tree of Life and its peaceful location on the gentle slopes of and surrounded by the rocky Aravali Mountains – was just the beginning. The creative vision of the Tree of Life was taking shape.  The area was going to have a select number of villas to enable ample space and privacy. And everything would be created in the local architectural style but with a contemporary twist – not forgetting modern structural engineering mandates.

There were many challenges that appeared. But the blessings did, too. In ample measure. The architect team of Nimesh Patel and Parul Zaveri, who gave shape to Himmat’s vision to create the physical manifestation of the Tree of Life, also shared the vision. The advice given by Nimesh to Himmat was simple. “Listen to the Land. It will tell you what to do with it.“ Armed with this precious little nugget of gold – Himmat did follow the advice and the Land spoke. With just 13 villas in the 7 acre resort area – each with its own definitive identity, the Tree of Life dream was well on its way to being realized.

But with great dreams come great challenges.  We promise to continue telling our story. Watch this space.